215 1 St. | P.O. Box 123 | Chugwater, WY 82210
Hours: Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm

Stage Stop will be open Memorial Day from 10am-4pm

Christmas House - Selling Crafted Christmas items 15% No Rent from Thanksgiving end of December. Deadline for Items need to be in by November 28th and out by December 30th. If you are interested please contact Tricia Sagner 307-365-1023.

Stage Stop Newsletter

September 2014

Stage Stop Arts & Crafts Center Grand Opening on April 6th 2014 Ribbon Cutting

Terry Baker, Tricia Sagner, Judy West, Mary Bloom, LaDonna Sand (Mayor), Noaleen Beaver, and Patti Pierson.
The Mayor LaDonna Sand was the Ribbon Cutter.

Opening March 20, 2014

If you are interested in putting your art or crafts in the Stage Stop Arts & Crafts Center please get ahold of the Chugwater Town Hall at (307) 422-3493. The Stage Stop will be open March 20th for business in the Business Building. Display your art and crafts on Main Street Chugwater!

The Stage Stop will be featuring Wyoming Artists. All the merchandise will be original! Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your art or crafts! The Deadline to sign up will be February18th for local artisans. After the 18th we will be opening it up state wide.


The purpose of the Center is to support and encourage artists and crafters in our community and to increase public awareness of the arts, have an opportunity to sell products, and provide opportunity for arts education.

  • Experience Chugwater's Art Scene
  • View Exhibits year Round
  • Purchase Arts and Crafts for your collection
  • Support our creative community
  • Enhance your own creativity
  • Become a member
  • Encourage the youth of our community in the arts


  • President: Noaleen Beaver
  • Vice-President: Judy West
  • Secretary: Linda Webster
  • Treasurer: Patti Pierson
  • Membership Secretary: Patti Pierson
  • Publicity Chair: Judy West
  • Members at Large: Lewana West

Strategic Goals:

  1. Become An Operational Business
    1. Recruit volunteers and eventually hire part time employee
    2. Establish good business practices
    3. Prepare projected monthly budget and operational plans for upcoming year
    4. Assign a task committee, create a budget and provide funding for activities
  2. Serve Our Community of Artists
    1. Continue existing programs
    2. Develop social events and functions for artists and community
    3. Assign a task committee, create a budget and provide funding for activities
  3. Provide Art Education to all ages and artistic abilities
    1. Continue existing programs and strengthen them
    2. Provide art education through a variety of programming.
    3. Assign a task committee, create a budget and provide funding for activities
  4. Secure Temporary Residence for Center
  5. Improve Local, Regional, and National Outreach Awareness
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